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north east mich
does anyone know where to get a good replacement dash pad for an 81 chevy p/u? theyre hard to find around here, there all like mine, cracked. how about those stick on replacements?

LMC truck catalog has EVERYTHING you need for your truck. I think they sell OEM dash pads for $400 dollars and replica's for $215 bucks, look them up online and they send you a free catalog.


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T. R.: One of my friends has the stick-on cover (not sure who makes them, the name "Coverlay" comes to mind) in his '87 GMC 1/2 ton and it looks fine IMO.

Is this a work truck, or your daily driver and "fun truck"? If it's a work one the stick-on cover might be a better choice, since it's presumably fewer $$$.

Chuck Smith

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Coverlay makes a good cover. When installed properly, it's almost undetectable. I have installed 3 of these covers before. Much easier and cheaper than messing with the pad. JC Whitney sells the Coverlay (or used to). Get yourself an LMC catalog anyway, it's well worth it.



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