80 K-10 4*4


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I have an 80 K-10 4*4 I just finished my first rebuild, it has a 350, .030 over, 305 62cc 1.94/1.60 heads, edelbrock proformer RPM intake, 600cfm edelbrock, the cam has 230 dur@.050 and .480 lift, stock manifolds and daul exhaust with glass packs. I have no low end power and i think i have decided that the main reason for that is i have to much cam for my application can someone reveiw my specs and let me know if there is anything else that looks off and maybe recommend a good low end camshaft(maybe some specs also!!)

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You might try a performer intake instead of performer RPM. The RPM is a single plane intake and the regular performer is a dual plane, better suited for throttle response, and low end torque. I have a performer on my truck and it works good. Also make sure your timing is good, and fuel level is correct in the float bowls of your carb. Good luck. Oh, and the cam is deffinetly also something to look at.


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Definately go with the Performer over the Performer RPM...The RPM is made more for racing and for response over 4500-5500 RPMS if i remember right which is nice but for response of the line you are better off with the performer(remember you have a 4x4)...also a good set of headers might also do some good.


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I'm in agreement with the Performer over the Performer RPM: I have a Performer on mine ('75 C-35 dually, weighs well over 8,000#) with the standard Q-jet and it works fine. I don't have the actual cam specs handy, but it was an aftermarket cam intended for truck applications: low & mid range power. By the sound of it, your engine has been built for power in the higher RPM range, which is great for a light vehicle but doesn't work out as well in a truck.

Headers will give you some increase in power, but you may want to weigh that against the "nuisance factor" when changing plugs. Not sure about road salt quantities out your way, I know here in Ontario the salt did mine in pretty quick!

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