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8' or 8.5'

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Johnny V, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Johnny V

    Johnny V Member
    Messages: 69

    Ok need help from all you pros out there that have helped me in the past. The truck is:

    2004 Ram 3500 DIESEL 6 speed quad cab 4x4 8' bed

    The deal is $2750 for a Hiniker 8' or $2800 for a 8.5'. The weight difference is only 25 lbs but I get: 8 vertical ribs instead of 6 and I get 4 compression springs instead of 2 if I step up to 8.5' from the 8'....

    The money is not the issue, the size is. The price seems to be good for "end of year" and my plow guy says that 6" will make a difference so I am asking you guys do I take the step up to the 8.5'????

    I will be plowing 2-3 lots of 15-25 parking spaces each and maybe a driveway or 2 of friends. Nothing VERY tight but at the same time no big open spaces. Right now I drive a dually crew cab Ford and everywhere I will plow I can pull that truck into and turn etc. The Dodge is not as wide, as it is single real wheel, and not as long.

    I am also adding on a small hitch mounted salter, Trynex SP575 350 lbs capacity, for $1k if that makes a difference.

    - OK the prices look good to me, am I right on that thought?
    - Do I go with a 8' or 8.5' plow? If it is an "if this- then that" situation what would make me choice one over the other?

    As you can tell I am a new plow guy and still learning. Wanted a small plow because it would be easy, but the the more ribs and springs on the bigger plow seems beefer...... As a new guy am I seeing this right and is beefer worth the extra 6", would beefer hold up to more of the newbie mistakes I am sure to make when plowing etc??

  2. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

    all my plows are 8.5 if you have dully you need that 6 inch to cover tires when fully angled
  3. SLC1

    SLC1 Senior Member
    Messages: 242

    I would go with the 8.5' the bigger the better and you will see a difference. The only time I could see going with the 8' is if you plan on doing a lot of drive-threws or really tight area, but go with the bigger one you wont be sorry. Just my two cents

  4. PLOWMAN45

    PLOWMAN45 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,951

    i would stick with the eight foot bed
  5. Johnny V

    Johnny V Member
    Messages: 69

    OK the truck is SINGLE rear wheel so that is not a problem. I have a dually now and selling that because of the size etc.

    Chris: what do you mean stick with the 8' bed? The truck will have an 8' bed and I do need that for other aspects of property management.

    Thanks for the thought that is what I was hoping as the price different is only $50 for all that extra stuff on the 8.5'.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the price/brands etc?
  6. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

    get the 8.5 they are better for doing lots. they have more reinforcements. I do do a few driveways with them.
  7. SnowMatt13

    SnowMatt13 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,559

    Go with the 8.5. The extra 6" will make a difference. As far as power goes with a diesel, you'll be fine even in 10" of wet snow.
  8. Joe92GT

    Joe92GT Member
    Messages: 71

    I may be wrong, but the hiniker is a very light duty plow. Will that truck, with the 6 speed be too much for it?

    My friend's hiniker waffled in half a season.
  9. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    Go with the 8.5. Plenty wide enough to cover your trucks.:waving:
  10. Frenchman

    Frenchman Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    I have a 9 feet on my F250 and i would never go back to a 8 footer, so the bigger the better
  11. Johnny V

    Johnny V Member
    Messages: 69

    Thanks everyone!!!!!

    Joe: From what I have seen/read here the Hiniker is not a HD plow. I am doing small lots and personal stuff. The lots are for apartment buildings that I take care of so it is "I plow when I can" kind of a deal.

    Even the salter is one of the smallest as I do the snow control on my own time and to the degree I want it. I would say you are right the Hiniker is not HD. In fact that is a big reason why it is about $800 under the price of the real plows you guys use (like fisher and boss).......

    I do regular duty work so I am fine with a plow that works and does not give me problems. If I ever started really plowing like you guys that would be a different story..... :drinkup:

    Thanks of rthe advice I guess I will pick up the 8.5' and the salter before the deal is up or gone.....

    Any thoughts or trick for the install onto my brand new truck (which I am still waiting for deliver on)..... :confused:
  12. Joe92GT

    Joe92GT Member
    Messages: 71

    there is nothing wrong with that type of plowing at all.

    I think different;y, I should have explained myself better.

    If you break a 2500 dollar plow, and have to spend more than 800 to fix it, wouldn't it have been better off to buy the 3200 dollar plow, and not worry anymore?

    Thats just how I think.... but it gets me in trouble.... why not spend more for the heavy duty... well, I'm spending that much, might as well spend a bit more for the ultra-heavy duty.... well if I'm going to do that, may as well go to the f-550, ect...:dizzy:

  13. Johnny V

    Johnny V Member
    Messages: 69


    I completely understand your thinking as I am the same way often (hence why I have a crew cab dually f-350 that I now must sell as it is not the right truck for my jobs. It was the biggest and best though... :)

    I am trying to look for a cheaper version blow but most important I am to keep it as light as possible as the truck is a diesel and most do not "recommend" plowing because the diesel is much weight on the front end.

    The new Dodge is a straight six so it is a bit lighter and this truck will have no problem handling a plow like this. Plus the red blade will go so nice with my new dark gray metalic.... ha ha

    Thanks for the thoughts. I am always trying to learn etc. That is why I am here!!! :blush2:
  14. Johnny V

    Johnny V Member
    Messages: 69

    Ok new news... I just found a 8' western pro plus snow plow for about $2800... I am guessing from my reading and the look of it this most on this site would take this plow in a heart beat at this price right???

    Please let me know. the guy might have more then one if you are interested and near Chicago area let me know. Seems to weight in about 800# but most likely worth the extra 50# over Hiniker seeing it is cosidered "contractor's grade" on the Western web site.

    Thoughts on price and plow choice????? Any help would be great have to get one this week before they are gone.

  15. elite1

    elite1 Senior Member
    Messages: 187

    Always used/owned westerns
    I don't like the very slow hydros on my new western

    I was very impressed with Boss. That will be my next
  16. Johnny V

    Johnny V Member
    Messages: 69

    No one else can confirm that a 8' Pro Plus Western is a smart move over a 8.5' Hiniker for about the same price???

    Looking at it more the Western is definatley heavier but the 8' has 4 trip springs, 2 "shocks" and looks to have a much better set up when it comes to ribs and rib placement.

    Just want to make sure because this will be the only plow I buy for a very long time!!!!
  17. Joe92GT

    Joe92GT Member
    Messages: 71

    Buy the western. I would take it in a heart beat for that price. For the plowing you will be doing, you will probably never break it, as long as its maintained.

    Whether the hydrolics are slower or not, its a far better plow than the hiniker.
  18. Johnny V

    Johnny V Member
    Messages: 69

    Thanks Joe that is what I needed to hear. The more I read about the "untimate contractors plow" the better I feel. The $2800 price seems to be the best I can do as well even with cheap plows (the 8' hiniker is still $2750).

    OK any other thoughts would be great. If anyone is looking for one and lives around me I would be happy to work somethig out. I have to drive about 5 hours, total, from Chicago but seems to be worth the day trip.

    The guy I am buying from also ships them out if people think the price is right even with the $200 s&h charge....

    OK I am looking to get the back drag blade with it if I can as I all the driveways around me have garages at the end and you must back drag the first 20 feet.

    Anyone have any thoughts on getting the wings on this plow for my minor use, is it worth it? They go on and off with just one pin and a seperate user posted this about 1/2 down the discussion topics. Think is is called "Western Pro plows??". After seeing that post I was sold on the plow but do I need the wings??!!!