8' meyers plow on a k1500 shortbed

92 Zz1

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I want to put a 8'meyers poly snow plow on my k1500 shortbed
pick-up. I know that it is not recommened but I have done
modifacations to the truck : 3/4 ton locking rear axle with extra
leafs added . It also has a manual transmission.
but I need advice on what to do to the front end . Should I change the tortion bars and if so what size should I use.
the ones that are in the truck now are rated for 5826 lbs the max
that they make are 8782 lbs but I think that might be to ridgid for
a shortbed.anyone ever done this or have any advice.
I've tried local dealerships and meyers direct but no one wants
to help.
92......Not to worry. Bolt that baby on ! I had a 8ft.
western hard mount on my 90, 94, 97, GM xcabs.
Never a front end sag problem. Now my new 01
2500 with a ultramount I have a ground clearance
issues but a few turns on the torsion bars during
the winter cured it. Just turn them back down in
summer....good luck.............geo


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Short bed

I know a couple of guys around here that have 7.5's on their short beds and never have a problem. One guy has a 70 something Ford short bed and said he gets better traction and turn ablility than his 99 Chevy K2500HD. I doubt that a half of a foot would hurt. I can't see it being any different than mounting it on a 1500 long bed or x cab.


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That will be a heavy plow. Should you mount it, on a 1/2 ton. Nope, the front brakes A arms and torsion bars really are not up to it. It you swap all those parts out for 8600 GVW parts, then you might be ok.
The poly plow is heavier than the steel version of the same plow. There was guy near me with a 8' plow on his 96 F-150 that in 70K went through 4 sets of springs and 2 sets of radious arms plus all kinds of brake and bushing issues. He has since bought a 00K3500 SRW and has had 0 problems. Match the truck to the plow, if you really need the extra width, get a set of wings.

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