8' Diamond Snowplow


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8' Diamond snowplow complete to fit '87 through '97 F-250 & F-350. Will fit '80 through '86 with minor modification to the bumper mount. Belt driven pump, electric valve manifold. Used 5 seasons, cutting edge recently flipped for the first time, very dependable plow.

Plow is off truck that was totaled in a rear end collision, no damage to plow & components. $ 1500 plus shipping or pick up in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. area.



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8' Diamond Plow

Complete setup including lights, harness, pump, etc. Just bolt on and start making money!

Sno Foil, 8' trip edge, cutting edge just flipped for the first time, belt driven pump, solenoid valve manifold, Slick Stick toggle operation.

Fits '87 through '97 F-250 & F-350, will fit '81 through '86 250s & 350s with minor modification. Will fit all others with appropriate sub frame.

$1500 I'm located 20 minutes east of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Call 845-227-8475 or email

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