'78' k5 turnsignals o/d


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I recently swapped my 75 c20 with my new son in law for his 78 k5 blazer.This is my 1st. 4x4 and I wanted it for my play truck,but it has a few nagging troubles that have me stumped.The most troubling to me are these turn signals that won't work.Having been a longtime reader of this forum,I thought it was time I broke down and asked all you experts for some help so here goes. first the turnsigs. were slow so i bought a new flasher and changed it.Now the lights went steady.Went back to old flasher,same tro.Checked for blown fuses and bulbs,all ok.Checked for open wiring to all lights per schematic in manual,all ok.Pulled steering wheel off and played with the signal parts and harness to no avail.The last thing I did before giving up was buy another flasher.More wasted money.Lastly,the hazard lites work fine. Thankyou in advance for any tips.I promise to try them all. Chatsrich


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I was wondering if you might have a corroded ground wire somewhere. I have had a few electrical problems as well and almost every one has ben a bad ground somewhere. Check the ground strap from the engine to the chassis I've seen those loose, corroded or somtimes missing. <br>good luck and keep us posted.


Yes, check the grounds. Check the grounds behind the headlights, and the grounds for the headlights. They ground to the radiator support. Remove both tail lights, and clean the ground connections on them. Replace the tooth washers with new ones. I replaced my headlight ground bolts and washers with stainless steel ones. Also the tail light grouind screws were replaced with stainless. At least 80% of electrical problems are ground related on these trucks, and most trucks for that matter. I've also seen the headlight dimmer switch wreak havoc on the lights and blinkers. Step on the brake, the left blinker goes on. Weird stuff. You might also want to make sure all the bulbs are the proper bulbs, for each fixture. Sometimes the wrong bulb fits, but doesn't work.....<br>~Chuck<br><p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>http://www.chuckschevytruckpages.com/snowplowingcentral.html


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If the lights work ok for the hazards then the ground should be ok. What number flasher unit did you install. You should have a 552 flasher can in it. you can also install the hazard flasher in the turnsignal flasher spot to see if anything changes. If you have a tilt column. there is a common problem with the wires breaking at the connector or where they bend. Keep me informed. I fix these things all the time.

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