73-80 Chev/GMC wiper switch mod


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Although I am a die-hard fan of Chev/GMC trucks 73-80, I have always found the wiper switch location a bit of a nuisance, especially if I just want to make a single swipe across the windshield - like today, when I was pushing 10" - 12" of white stuff and spray lands on the glass. To add another switch into the circuit (to perform the same function as the "mist" position on later 80's trucks with the column mounted wiper switch) is easy. Just use the style of pushbutton switch you would employ to operate a horn or starter. (I like the kind with the small chrome button) Wire one side to ground, the other to the middle wire of the 3 wires leading to the windshield wiper motor itself. (These are the wires that run to the lower portion of the wiper/washer motor assembly, the upper wires run the washer pump) Since this is out in the engine bay, solder and seal up the splice in the wiring really well. Now, to get a single swipe of the wipers just press the switch until the wipers start to move, then let it go. They will make one cycle and then park. Place the switch wherever you find it easy to operate. I put mine in the door panel, just below the front corner of the armrest. It's a bit of work pulling the panel off to install the switch and run the wires, but it gives you a clean installation and is really easy to reach. Okay, okay, I could buy a newer truck too but I like my old iron!

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We used to do the same thing,with our older chevy's,as it is a PITA to reach when your hands are busy.A race car style bungee cord wire works well if you mount the switch on the steering wheel.We now convert them to the newer column's with the turn signal stalk mounted switch.Only thing I don't like about it is you have to turn the switch to get the mist function.I love my dodge's,just a quick tap on the end of the lever (actually for the washer spray),and the wipers come on for a sec.

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