71 chevrolet k10 for sale


cleveland, OH
i am selling a 71 chevy k10 4x4, i was told that this is a collector truck and might be worth some decent cash, especially since its a 4x4. I was told about $5000 from a guy that was admiring it when i wasent ready to part with it.

I did a frame off restoration, on it but i drive it in the winter(couldn't see parking her), I had the engine, trans and transfer case rebuilt, new springs, driveshafts, completly rebuilt the rear end and added limited slip. The 4wheel drive works fine. It has new brakes, and rotors, decent tires, (prob 20000 left). the engine is a 350 with an rv cam. It has a mallory uni-lite distributor, and coil. It has a 4 core radiator with a high output water pump and flex fan, and 100 amp single wire alternator with a diehard gold battery

There is a diamond plate toolbox, and a sportmaster liftable tonneau cover on the back.

I bought a gm tailgate new, along with the grill, it has a rear sliding glass window, the bed is from New Mexico, so its in good shape (by my standards)...Had the whole thing painted viper red....

now to the bad... the cab rusted on the inside above the visors (bums me out cause thats the main reason i want to sell it) the rockers and cab corners were replaced, the cab corners are doing great, but the rockers are rusting along with the doors, and fenders in places, the hood also has a dent that rusted. You couldn't buy alot of the body panels when i did this about 5 years ago, but now they sell just about everything for this truck, but i think my wife would divorce me if i tore it apart again

I plowed with this truck for 3 years. it has a very durable, custom made meyers undercairage on it, hoop, switches, e47, and a steel 7.5 blade

make me a resonable offer,with or without the plow, and its yours

email: fletch3763@aol.com if your interested...

drop a new body on this truck and it would be awesome!!!

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