700 r trans


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i just put a rebuilt trans in my 85 3/4 ton truck. i have
trouble adjusting the cable that goes to the carb .should it
be loose ,tight or what? it seems like i have no over drive.
does this have any thing to do with it?the other gears shift fine.


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This may be a case of the blind leading the blind, but I have been researching the 700r4 on this site and some of the more knowledgable members are saying that unless that TV cable is in perfect adjustment your new tranny will rapidly "SELF-DISTRUCT"...I'd park it untill I got it sorted.


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Yeah, the transmission will blow up, your truck will catch fire, roll down a hill, and most likely land on your dog if this cable is not properly adjusted. There should be no slack in it when the throttle is closed. Refer to your shop manual for the exact proceedure, but don't mess around with driving it until you get it right, or take it to someone who can.

John DiMartino

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You need to have full detent at full throttle,that is the most important thing.have someone jump in the cab-hiold the throttle to the florr,now you grab the TY cable itself-and see if its real tight-if there is still slack in it at full throttle-you need to adjust it.It must be tight like a guitar string at full throttle.On the carb bracket where the cable mounts there is a D shaped bulge on one side-let off the throttle-press on the D buton,and pull out on the cable to make it tighter-release the D button.Now have try full throttle-if the cable it too tight-it,you'll hear it ratch-and it should adjust itself to the right spot.recheck to see if its good and tight at full throttle.It almost sounds as if you have it to tight now-that will give you late,firm shifts,and late or no OD.But it will not hurt anything that way-other than gas mileage.If your shifts are to early,and soft-that will burn it up very quickly.The tranny shop could have left off the 4th gear servo piston,torn the seal,or left the aux valve body loose-if it has one.3-4 use the same clutch-4th just adds the 2-4 band-and drops a clutch-so the 2-4isnt coming in-the band is fine-since you have 2nd,if the band was bad-no second either.Hopefully this will fix it--last resort-put some transmission conditionmer in-it will free sticky valves in valve body-if it was assembled without proper clean conditions.


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I believe that cable is attached to a black plunger at the manifold. Push the plunger in, and at full throtlle the TV cable should pull that plunger back out. Adjust the cable as needed untill you achieve that adjustment.

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