7.5 Boss V-Plow Question

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Any body run this plow or know anyone that does?I'm seriously cosidering one but have no exp. with Boss.I run a 7.5 fisher right now on a 99 Chevy half ton(that being the only reason for looking at the 7.5 instead of larger)Any help appreciated-Likes.Dislikes,problems? Thanks Guys

I run an 8'2" Boss V and the only regret I have is not going bigger.The new plows have the smart hitch which makes hooking the plow a snap.( Not that the old style RT3 is not easy) The only difference between the 7'6" and the bigger ones in the moldboard height, Boss fixed that problem this year by making all of them the same height. If you do go with the Boss plow, get the hand held control....its worth the extra money.
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Boss V

I also have a Boss V 8' 2" blade. I really like using the blade specially when cleaning parking lots and using the blade in the scoop mode. I have the joy stick control and love it.:p