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'68 Camaro Project. Will trade for Boss V Plow

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by Northland, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Northland

    Northland Senior Member
    Messages: 169

    Yeah... I know... Dumb idea... But the damn thing has been taking up space in my garage for 3 years now... If this works great... If not...one day I will finish it. This is a long shot but you never know... Someone out there may be looking for their dream car.....like i was..... I am out of room and in need of another plow to keep up with business. So this may solve two problems for me. I know...poor pics... but email me and I will get new ones if you are seriously interested.

    I am Looking for a new or like new ( I mean LIKE NEW) Boss 8'2 or 9'2 v plow. Must be late model. Preferrably with a late model chev 3/4tn mount. Will trade for my 1968 Camaro Project car. Or $4500.00 OBO.

    I bought this car to restore. Because it was a 6cyl 3spd car originally there was no point in restoring it to number matching so I decided to make it a RS/SS clone. I have all the parts to do this. This is a complete car less the parts listed below. Yes it has no engine, but I did score a kick ass M-20 4spd for it... Still looking for the M-21. :(

    I have almost $6,000 invested in new sheetmetal and restoration parts. Like I said earlier. This car is complete minus the parts listed below. I bought everything i could think of to finish the car, so everything goes with the car. Keep in mind minor thing liek hardware and other items may be missing sooo some items will have to be purchased to complete the car but all the big ticket items are there.

    The Car.

    1968 Camaro. Was a 6 cyl 3 spd car orginally.

    What it comes with.

    2 NEW rear quarters. (1 OER GM-Licenced repro and 1 from the Paddock I dont think its licenced cuz OER had problems with their mold and you couldnt find any at the time.....i think its the left.)

    2 New front fenders - GM Licenced Repr

    New Cowl Induction Hood

    RS Lower Valance

    Full Interior Kit - Seats are about 60% recovered and done... Just need to be fininshed. New carpet, dash pad, rear panels everything....

    New RS Console for 4 spd. Comes with OEM original guage package

    Full RS hideaway headlight/ grill kit - Everything you need to have hideaway healights.

    Body mount bushing kit

    weather stripping kit

    Muncie M-20 4 spd

    Lots more new resto stuff. TOns...

    What it needs:

    Trunk floor panels

    Rear inner panel

    Rear Taillight panel

    Outer rocker skins

    Door skins.


    What has been done to it:

    Replaced the floor pans

    Replaced the entire inner and outer cowl.

    Replaced dash panel.

    Drivers Quarter is removed, Passengers is mostly cut off... Neccessary spot welds have to be drilled and cut out to remove the rest.

    Car is completely dissassembled right now. Sub frame is still attached for ease of movement.

    I am at the point where I need to purchase the trunk , rockers and rear panels to continue on it. I have not had the ambition to do this in a long while and am questioning whether or not I ever will again. I have WAY too many irons in the fire and need another plow more than a muscle car right now.


  2. Northland

    Northland Senior Member
    Messages: 169

    another pic of how it looks today...
  3. Northland

    Northland Senior Member
    Messages: 169

    try again....
  4. Northland

    Northland Senior Member
    Messages: 169

    Oh well... that other one wont upload... just pm me if you want more pics...
  5. Northland

    Northland Senior Member
    Messages: 169