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61300 unit on an f150/expedition

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by bajalion, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. bajalion

    bajalion Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    I purchased a used 61300 unimount from a late 90's S-10/Sonoma. I'm trying to put this on my expedition (yes it is the same as the F150 frame). I ordered in a new mount from the local western dealer. Fit my expidition but completely was wrong for the frame and light bar. He also mentioned that the mount was for a ultramount.

    He did not have a further solution (He wanted to sell me a new plow). Anybody know for sure?

    BTW I already have the electicrial working....just can't mount it. I need the smaller plow to fit trough some 7' gates.
  2. fouloutboy

    fouloutboy Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    61300 Western on your Expedition

    Hi If he sold you an ULTRA mount for your truck side, then the 61300 won't hook up unless you buy an adapter(you can find them on ebay for around $200). This is an attachment that hooks on to your ULTRA mount converting it to fit your UNI mount(61300) plow. But what I am wondering is how much you paid for that 61300. I am looking for one and was wondering if you would be willing to sell. Now another thing, if you are going to be hooking the plow up and taking it off alot, you may want to buy an ULTRA mount plow (they're the slickest easiest plow to hook up and unhook). But if you don't have to take the plow off very often, the easiest cheapest thing for you to do is just buy one of those adapters on ebay. About buying an ULTRA mount plow though, I don't know if they have a 6.5'. I think the smallest they make might be a 7'. Please call if you would consider selling the plow or have additional questions. Thanks Travis Madison, WI (608)576-4825