60 stupid degrees predicted tomorrow!


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Grant enjoy the nice weather. I for one will be happy if the snow holds off till Jan. We really dont see to much ever in Nov. Even Dec. can be very snow free.
I say keep the warm temps baby. Snow will be here before you know it.


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Please be informed:

All the "No snow" complaints are being noted - better not be any "Too much snow" complaints from any of you later in the season! :D ;)

J/K - although snow now would be great for me from my point of view as a sub, from my OTHER viewpoint of my full time job I have to agree with Dino 'cause I work outside quite a bit too.

It'll snow soon enough - and the truck/plow are ready to go.


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I can't say that I remember all that many snowy Decembers and very seldom do we get snow in November at least not enough to plow... I remember one year i was helping my dad cut firewood in January and we hadn't had any snow yet... I'm sure we will get snow soon enough though.

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I think I'm getting a little edgy because of last year. We got pretty much our whole winter in December. It seemed like shortly after the 12/1, it snowed a LOT. Then after the 1st of January, VERY little...

Hopefully this year will be a little better, and a little more spread out.

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hey welcome to the site. i see your from colubia CT. im from glastonbury. bruce depriest on wfsb said the other day, that mid december would turn drastically cold, and snow is expected before christmas.