6 lug to 8 lug?

John DiMartino

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I doubt it,but you never know.I dont even want to know why would want to do this.If they were available they would cost about 600 bucks for all 4,so just buy new 6 lug wheels,its cheaper,and safer than adapters.


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Mario, let me guess, you're thinking about swapping axles? You have a 1/2 ton now and want to put a 3/4 or 1 ton rear under it and run the same wheels/tires all the way around? If so, ask about that because there are a lot of neat options for keeping your six lug wheels, or going to all 8 for that matter.



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Tried adapters a long time ago. It was for Ford wheels on a Pontiac and the results were.... The tire loosened up and departed with no warning going into an oncoming car dead center.
I had a bad lesson and learned this...I would never run any kind of wheel adapter EVER again I was lucky that no one was hurt or killed. It is just simply not worth the risk.

Just my $.02



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i'm pretty sure you can have the axels redrilled for the 8 lugs and use the 8 lug drums and/or rotors. they do this all the time to mount a 9 inch under a chevy race car.

good luck with yer project
Mark K


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I have read all of your posts on this idea that you have. Hate to pop your balloon, but it simply isn't worthwhile.

There are tons of "deals" out there for 15" 6 lug wheels with 35" tires. Or 16" 6 lug wheels with 285's or 305's or 315's. Pass up this deal and look for others.

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