6.2L Glow plugs

I was thinking of by-passing my glow plug controller on my 1983 K-20 6.2 Diesil. Now will this hurt anything ? As long. as you dont hold them on for an exsesive amount of time. :drinkup:

Kurt B.

Junior Member
If you wire it correctly it will work oK. The controller and wiring systems on the 6.2 can be a pain I know. We bypassed the controller on a 6.5 and have not had any problems. I would recommend you use a push button or other type of switch that releases when you take your finger off and not one that can be accidently bumped and left on. The old glow plugs have a very short duration time something like 10 seconds max per cycle or they burn out. If you have to replace the plugs the new AC-60 plugs can run much longer on each cycle before burning out. If your not aware there is some great info on the GM diesels and their glow plug systems over at www.62-65-dieselpage.com. Hope this helps.

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