50 degrees today

Got Grass?

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Western New York
Talk about crazy weather, they forcast it to be in the upper 40's Thurs. Starting to think I may be doing some leaf removals on christmas day..... LOL yeah right....
3-7 predicted for yesterday, LOLOL we got 1" of rain...


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winterset iowa
Absolutely rediculous

Just took the trash out and it's shirt sleeve weather.

My weather bug is telling me it's 45 degrees out and it 's 11:35 in the morning.

Probably be 60 degrees by 3 pm.

I think the grass is greening up as I type:eek:
Mark K


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LaPorte Indiana
They are forecasting 50's by Thursday, with snow for Friday. Got a call from a guy in Florida over the weekend, wanted to know it the snow was melted, because he wanted his leaves cleaned up.


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