4wd on 87 K1500 not working


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New memeber here and hoping maybe somebody can give me a little help. Im looking to buy a older chevy truck and I found a 1987 k1500 in the paper for $1700. Says it runs good and the body is good shape just a little rust. Catch is the 4wd doesnt work. The guy said he doesnt know alot about trucks so he didnt know it just went out one day. I asked him if it had hubs and if he could turn them and he said yeah i just wouldnt engage in 4wd. I havent seen it yet but I want to go look tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone out there can give me some thoughts on what it might be and what to look for. Id like to get the truck if its not going to be anything major to fix. Im not a mechanic but I do have a decent understanding of vehicles. Also if you think its a good deal or should I let it pass and look for another one. Thanks in advace to anyone that can help :)

Chuck Smith

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I would guess that it does not have manual hubs, since it came with auto locking hubs from the factory. Unless they have been changed already, which is possible. For that price, if everything else looks good, and it runs good, I would buy it. Fixing the 4wd shouldn't be expensive. It is most likely going to be something stupid stopping it from working. IF it was something major, it would be clear.


Joey D

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Bring a jack with you and jack up the rear and put in in 4 wheel and watch the axle joints in the front to see if the turn. I would bet it's the hubs like mentioned.

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