454 skipping


weve actually got a 1986 gmc seirra 1 ton but since chevy and gmc are the same thing ill post hear. its got a 454 that doesnt run worth sh!t weve replaced sparkplugs, sparkplug wires,distributer cap, points, fuel filters, etc... you name it weve fixed it. ive beed told we should just heave all the emisions junk and put a nice old holly or eldebrock carb. what kind of holy? how much? What would you do?:confused:


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I think you're sucking wind

I'd tend to go looking for a vacuum leak. As far as pulling off the emissions hardware, the engine was designed to operate with it there and working. I'd go over all the vacuum lines by eyeball first and then with carb cleaner. Squirt all the connections and see if the engine changes tone at some point. You might also pull one line at a time and plug the port, if the engine changes you've at least found the circuit that is leaking.

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