4 wheel drive is not working

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My 1984 full size gmc jimmy is having some problems with its 4 wheel drive. I put it in 4 Hi and I don't think the front tires are getting any power. I put it in 4L and its not any better. Sometimes, if I'm in reverse and I'm spinning out, unless I have my foot real hard on my brake pedal, the back right wheel spins real fast. need help


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If they are manual hubs I would get out the allen wrenches and pull them off to see if you have broken a spring or a dog on the lock knob, handle, or whatever they call the thing that you turn.

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I'd lock the hubs one at a time to make sure they engage & then jack up that side and turn (spin)the wheel.
If it turns the axle and the driveshaft back to the transfer case it sounds like you might have a bad transfer case.
If it engages & when you spin the wheel it doesn't turn the driveshaft coming out of the transfer case you could have a bad ring & pinion .
You might have snapped the chain in it or on some of them they're all gears inside.
Also,Depending on what axles you have in the truck unless you have a posi,or lockers it would tend to send all the torque to what ever wheel will spin easier.
So that could be why it seems one tire is spinning more.



This response may be too late to help you but I know that the transfer cases used in these trucks had a problem of not staying in 4 wheel drive. There is a fork inside with 3 "pads" on it. These pads can wear out and cause it to not stay in 4 wheel drive. It happened to my 87 k-5 blazer. I am not a mechanic but was able to rebuild it myself using a Haynes manual and regular tools.


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