4 townships, 100 miles....I got this....

Discussion in 'Government Property Snow Removal' started by 4x4Farmer, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Have you ever seen a grader in action?

    They are bad ***. You get a good operator on one and they are absolutely an unbelievable piece of iron.
  2. Broncslefty7

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    you must be pulling some serious money hourly for that piece of equipment. Congratulations
  3. rebert

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    I missed that detail. makes sense
  4. rebert

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    I remember when I was a little kid standing at the end of my street near the main road watching the plow trucks go by, when it was really deep I would see the graders with one way plows out.
  5. FredG

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    Years ago the operators were amazing, I would get the opportunity to run one now and then but when it came to finish grade I would get thrown off. :laugh: Now they got all kind of electronics on them don't have to be quiet as good.
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    No doubt. The old guys that I have seen run them were unreal. Have not seen a guy under 50 run the snot out of one yet. Not that they are not out there, the last guy I was around had already retired 2 times and they keep calling him back as the hall could not produce enough proficient qualified operators.
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    There still doing it, some of these guy are real old, they get it close with the dozers then you would see the old guy show up with his Buick. :laugh:
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  8. leigh

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    Must be the same all over.Knew a guy who was in his 80's they would pick him up and bring him to the jobsite! He would try to hide sometimes but I think his wife would rat him out to get him out of her hair.
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    Nice looking machine. I can't help but think that it will create some major drifts in places. Hope it all works out for you.

    Our county hadn't graded our road in 6 or 7 years, until about a month ago. Looked like a large grader came thru with the blade straight; took off all of the crown and left windrows on both sides. WTF? I went out before it rained and turned it into a muddy slide/bathtub. Good help must be hard to find.
  10. FredG

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    I use to get it close with the bulldozer, then go to the grader to try to get sometime on it was not long for I got the 86. :laugh:
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    Yep!! Seen this happen in Alaska
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  12. DavCut

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    How did the summer road gig work out? Back on the snow contract again this winter?
  13. OP

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    The summer time work went well. Could have been a full time job if I had a guy to run it 8hrs a day. With farming I can only handle so much summer time work. I have enough townships beating the door down for snow removal I'm adding another machine. I can't justify having another maintainer for snow only so I'm planning on using a cat 926M loader with a one way or hydraulic v plow. I know I wont have the speed to throw it like the maintainer but will be able to get them opened up and then come back and wing it with the maintainer if need be. Plus I can use the loader on the farm in the summer time. With that being said....looking for a big beefy v plow with fusion coupler if anyone has one laying around they want to sell. Let me know.
  14. RevelationL&S

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    Back when you could push the snow into lakes and ponds eh? Yeah.... I bet those were the days when you could push snow into a pond.
  15. DavCut

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    How are the new rigs working out this winter?
  16. jonniesmooth

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    One of my BiL's is a foreman for a road construction co. He had a dozer operator fresh out of school,real know it all type, too. Told him, " you need to take that rise out in the middle of this lane"
    Came back an hour later. guy is just sitting there.
    Asks him why it's not done.
    Guy says, " i can't get the GPS to pick up the elevation to set it."
    My BiL tossed him out of the dozer and did it himself,didn't take 15 minutes.
    He keeps threatening his dad that he's going to make him come back to work.
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