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Hey Denis - how did you make out with your storm from Demanche? (snow - freezing rain and then rain)

We had all three, and I ended up plowing the heavy stuff near the end. It froze Sunday night, but it also snowed alittle bit to sugar-coat the ice, so it wasn't too slippery here.

4 Saisons

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Finally I had plowed a 4am monday after 4" of snow, a 1/4" ice layer and some little rain over it. It was still raining a little byte at 4, but change for snow when the wind had begun. Working with my snowblower was not so bad but very loud. The helper I had hired, was tired of shoveling this wet snow and ice, but he is ready to come back if I need.

Nothing was plowed sundays (noon was the end of the worst of the weather), even the commercial who were openned. All snow operation had begun at midnight and on the residentiel, half of the contractor did not plow.

For now you better wear skate than boot to come at sherbrooke.


thanks for your support

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