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I'm thinking about buying a Super Duty with the Powerstroke. Do I want the 4.10 or 3.73 rear end? I will be plowing with a 8.2 Boss V plow in the winter and pulling around 8000# in the summer. The dealer is trying to sell me on the 3.73 (that is what they have on the lot). How much difference really is there?


If your going to keep stock or close to stock(up to about 33") tires on, the 3.73 will work just fine. If you plan on going bigger than 33's with tires, get the 4:10.

I pull 10k lbs almost daily and plow with a 8.5 Western V with 33" tires and a 3.73 rear;)



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I've had both, the 3.73 gets about 2 mpg more. I'm towing about the same amount and sometimes more with no problems. If you're going to tow over 10,000 frequently, or carry heavy loads (as in dump truck), I'd go with the 4.10, to take the burden off the tranny.


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I regularly (almost every day) gross between 24K and 28K with a 3.73 and 6 spd trans. If you have a large load to start on a hill the 3.73 can take a bit of work and clutch slippage to get rolling, after that I have no problem. I have a power chip for my truck and have propane to install on it as well. So I have plenty of power once I get rolling. If you plan on not using the truck on the open road (here our speed limit is 75) and most of the time in town plowing and pulling, then you should be OK with the 4.10.


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I would definitley get 4:10 gears ,( take the strain off your tranny!) PLowing and working a superduty calls for a 4:10"s, it's only 2 or 3 mpg differance, the 4:10's also give you alot more pep!
I have had the 4.10 and currently have two 3.73s. I like the 3.73s, better fuel economy, and you aren't winding it out on the highway so bad. I wish they still had the 3.55 available...
As for pulling, just use a lower gear. On the 6 speed the 1st gear is very low anyway.

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