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fayetteville, oh
i dont have a truck yet yet but when i get one i think im goin to go with some 37x13 boggers on 15x10's how much lift do i need
? i think im going to get some ez ride 6" leafs for the front and 5" blocks for the back will this be enough or will i need a BL? and i know 3/4 and 1 tons set higher but the leafs would kift any of em the same height right? thanks

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A 6" lift will clear 37's with a bit of trimming, it also depends on what kind of wheel you choose.
I have an 8" lift in the garage waiting to happen. I am still trying to decide on the 37's or just get it over with and go 42's
The prez of our club just got 42's but he has 13" of lift too.
His rig is not like mine though, I have no problems breaking out the sawzall.

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