350 trans swap


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I'm looking to remove my 350 trans out of my 77 3/4 4x4. I would like 2 install a 400 in its' place. Question is will any 400 2wd/4wd from a car or truck fix in the 4x4, or does it have to be from a 4-by. Will I need some kind of adaptor? Thanks James


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Springfield, MA
Yes you will need to get a 4x4 tranny. You also need the correct t-case, driveshafts, and adapter plate. Or you can pay Advance Adaptors something like $700 for an adaptor kit and still need to shorten the rear shaft and lengthen the front shaft. I'm also planning the same swap so I've done my homework on this one. My thought and planned angle of attack is to find the tranny/adaptor/t-case all bolted together and make the best deal possible. I know I can get them all cheaper than the adaptor through advanced. I'm planning on new driveshafts to match the lift on my truck. The reason I'd want them all together is because it will save me money and since there are at least 2 different t-cases that are not interchangeable it saves alot of hassle overall. Best bet = look for a 400 with a 205 and adapter.