Hey guys,

well I'm taking a gander a 73-85 Chevy trucks,because I need a 4x4 for woving out in the snow, and its looking now like I will be starting a plow business too.

Anyway I'm a fan of Inline sixes but they are so hard to come by I'm thinking of keeping my current truck for commuting (you know your a redneck if your commuter car is a 81 Chevy pickup :) )because it gets 15 all city, and it is a beutiful truck, 332,000 on it and tranny is just starting to go out, oustide interior all perfect...uh oh I'm rambling , I love that truck......Anyway....getting a second truck, a 3/4 ton 4x4 with 350 V8, what kind of Gas Milege do you guys get out of a 3/4 4x4 Chevy 350?

I haven't really researched it but about how much is your guys insurance for a second vehicle? trying to figure out if I can afford to have two trucks (college student)? I would like to keep my 81 because it is such a good truck..

anyway thanks for the help


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Insurance depends so much on age and location, that you will have to call your agent for prices. Expect no better than 10 mpg.


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Just talk to your agent if you kno them very well you might be able to get them to list it as a non-daily driver and maybe even a project vehicle like i did with my 82 which I only use for hauling equipment...the insurance on it is like 20 a month here and on my 85 which is covered its still a whole $65 a month


ugh 10 not good, I think in my Dodge I'm getting like 12.5 3/4 ton 4x4 with 318.

I will probably save the money in gas if I keep two trucks.

Yeah since all my plow jobs would be like in a 25 mile radius or so milege shouldn't be too much a problem if I keep my 81.

thanks for the help


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