350 LT1 swap in my 1990 350


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not worth it. to much custom stuff. seen it done.

got to run factory drive /acc stuff. or go bling bling money on aftermarket stuff. then runnin stock stuff makes you do custom moved motor mount on right side frame rail backwords. the lt1 brackets for acc stuff use 1 reg motor mount boss hole on the block. so the mount that bolts to block flips upside down. then bolts to lt1 only 4th boss hole.

then p/s pump on pass side now not drivers side.

lt1 stuff is all its own. not much swapable from basic small block.

cooling system is diffrent rad and over flow tank system all specific to its self. no engine drivin fan. go electric or aftermarket fan kit to run off engine.

if a/c is still wanted have to notch the frame rail to clear the pully/clutch head of the comp.

opti spark unit dont like water or lots of dust and thats drivin off the front of the timing cover under the water pump. then the h20 pump is driven via shaft from timing cover also.

and guy that did this said not again for any 4x4 . drove good. but the power / tourqe curve was not the best for a 4x4.

oh ya and the wiring and computer stuff needs to go in also.

but the motor can be installed. just NOT a bolt in by any means.
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exactly what i forgot to post.

and thay are real easy to install with MUCH fewer mods.

few done and being done over on www.ck5.com but those are in solid axle trucks from 67-72 and 73-87 and 73-91 blazer/burban/crewcabs

guys that have done them do not regret it 1 bit. and the only thing most say is 6.0 nice but 5.3 is pleanty and easy to find as 6.0 is wanted more used.

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