350 Intermittent stall


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On the way hame from the last job yesterday the 85 Suburban stalled while going about 30 and it didn't sputter or miss in any way, only stopped running. I figured electrical and checked the distributor leads for loose connections or other wire problems. Looked ok so I got in and she started right up. I commence home and it did the same thing 5 more times in about 10 miles. Just before it did it the first time I had idled about 15 minutes while I looked at a truck and about another 8 minutes at the fast food drive through. It stalled the first time 1 minute from McDonalds, I don't know if the idling has any thing to do with it, but it was the only peculiar thing to happen before the problem. It acts like something is shorting out. Any ideas? I don't have a lot of experience with Chevy HEI. Thanks, Palmer

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