305 or 350?


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fellas which one do i have? the dipstick is on the drivers side. how do i tell which one it is? i have never owned a v-8 before so bear with me. is there anything that is obvious that i can help to tell the difference between the two. also it has a 2bbl carb. rochester made. forgive me for my ignorance.


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What year truck is it? At any rate, best way to tell what engine you have is the block casting number, located at the rear of the block near the top of the bellhousing, just behind the driver side cylinder head.

Some 305 numbers: 14010201 (85 - 86)
14014416 (80 - 84)
14011418 (80 - 86)

Some 350 numbers: 3970010 (68 - 76)
14010207 (80 - 85)
14088526 (86 - 88)
14101128 (86 and later)

That isn't all the possible numbers by any means, but it should give you some idea. It may take a bit of scraping and scrubbing to get those numbers visible but they are on there.


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thanx 75

thanx man i found it. ok here is what i have so far. it is a 350, with a th400 trans. 10 bolt rear. ok now whether its a 4 bolt main or not i dont know but there is an WR 010 on the side of the block. that tells whether or not its a 2 or 4 bolt but i dont know which can you help me one last time. by the way the cast number where you said it was is 39700101. i thought i had a 305. this motor has hei distributer in it too. no computer at all. cool. but thanx again man.
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