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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Matt, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. Matt

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    The local paper had yearly snowfalls for area community's listed the other day. One of the neighboring towns has recorded 300" YTD, with another in the 230" range. We need more of the white money.
  2. John Allin

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    Now, now, Matt....
    Stop that.
    I learned a long time ago that it isn't nice to rub it in about just how good we have it here in Lake Effect country.... it just irritates the other posters.....
  3. SlimJim Z71

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    It makes guys like me who only received about 36" feel like less of a Snow & Ice Management Associate!!!


  4. earth works inc.

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    Hey Slim: how about the guy who is only at 17 inches for the season. I think i will continue being a sima member. maybe someday we can figure how to get johns lake effect directed in our direction.

    By the way why doesnt your state make lake michigan a little wider so when those north winds come down to dayton we get alittle more snow.
  5. Yardworks

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    That is down right amazing that you guys don't get burned out with that much snow. We've had about 65" so far this year and I could care less if it snowed in Mar.
  6. SlimJim Z71

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    I was just joking... just a little jealousy over all the snow that the guys along the coast are getting. Of course I will remain a member of SIMA.

    Making Lake Michigan wider huh? How about a SIMA gathering... BRING YOUR SHOVELS!!! LOL

  7. cat320

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    Right now i have had enough snow to last me till next winter. over 2' here and know where to put it.
  8. OP

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    I wasn't trying to rub it in just letting peaple know how the year is progressing. The bad thing about getting the amount of snow we do is nobody really cares about the liability issue. We try to educate them on the accident possibility, but they thing it is not important. The other thing is that every 4x4 has a plow on it and trying to get a decent $ for your sevice is difficult. I would much rather plow less snow for a higher margin which is what I think everybody would rather do.
    The other thing that happens a lot is not the over estimation of snow, but the under estimation. They may call for 3-6" and we end up getting 10-12" or more.
  9. SCL

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    Hey Tim
    I'll come up with the bobcat and the backhoe and we'll get Lake Michigan out to Elgin for you. But you gotta come west and help me widen the Mississippi:). I don't think we had as much as 36" and 98% of that came in Dec.
  10. plowjockey

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    SCL while you're at it drag it a little bit farther south too so Dayton can get some.

  11. bob

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    Our totals were less than 14 inches. That sux!
  12. Chuck Smith

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    We've had 41" so far this year, in my plowing area. To the North and West, where I plow for my brother, they probably got about 48" so far this year.
    I have my old records of the past few winters.
    Here's the standings I was able to find. I have records back to 92 though, somewhere.

    1995 - 96 75" (there was a 28" blizzard this year)
    1996 - 97 Less than 6"
    1997 - 98 4"
    1998 - 99 12"
    1999 - 2000 6"
    2000 - 2001 41"

  13. 4 Saisons

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    yesterday the summary was at 119" in the city and up to 220" in the subarea,

    Matt your right aboult law suit, people don't bring you in court for a sleep and fall, but it may happen. city walk way are under few inches of ice( they don't salt them, they only put rocks), samething for most parking lots and residential have over 3 to 4" of hard snow and ice.
  14. BRL

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    The NWS average for Newark is 24"year and I averaged your numbers and your records are right on. The bad news is, it probably won't snow again this year because that would put us above average. :(
  15. 75

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    BRL - HEY! Who's showing a bad attitude now?!? :D (Only joking)

    I've asked our local city hall for snowfall records in town, curious how our average "stacks up" (Pun intended), once I have them I'll let you know.
  16. Alan

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    101" here, that puts us about 25% above average for this year.
  17. BRL

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    I said it was BAD news, not good like some people around here have been posting. Besides, deep down I think we're getting one more here anyway, just to spite all of my friends & neighbors that have been complaining to me about writing "Think Snow" on one of the plows. They all blame that for the snowy winter we finally had here. Besides, the year before Chuck's chart starts was below average, so technically we need another 6" here to be average. My fingers are still crossed, I'm still doing the daily snow dance, and the plows & spreaders are still in the way of the spring equipment. You ain't catching me with a bad snow attitude! ;)
  18. 75

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    I have reformed - may I stop standing in the corner now? :D And I think you're right - at least one, probably more than that, more snow events before the season is all over. As a matter of fact, I plowed this morning. Not a lot of accumulation (1 - 2 inches), but coupled with the freezing rain/rain from yesterday, work's lot was a mess.

    With regard to the "snowy winter" complaints (most of my co-workers are saying "{expletive deleted} snow" while I'm thinking '$') from people, I think that at least in my area it is more of a return to the norm, which they've forgotten about due to the easy winters we have had the past few years.
  19. 4 Saisons

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    hum to get an average we need some little winter and some big like this years...mathematics rule, and the good news, it will be easier to increase the price for the next seasons.
  20. cutntrim

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    Haven't posted in quite a while. We've had almost no snow since the new year began. I imagine we've had about 45" total this season. Been able to go skiing up at Blue Mountain in Collingwood alot this winter since there's little to do down here. The boys up there have been busy, lots of lake effect off Georgian Bay, and tons of drifting on the highways. Went up today and highway 24 was closed due to drifts and whiteouts. Down here, bone dry. We're fully into lawn season prep now. Like to get rid of some more salt before the year ends though.