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3 Fisher Minute Mount Plows for sale - $750 and $995

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by nogoodram, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. nogoodram

    nogoodram Member
    from RI
    Messages: 36

    Hey guys, i'm selling a couple of plows.

    first one is a MM1 2 plug 8 foot. no rust or rot or holes. missing one spring (looks like trip edge mount snapped). ive used it for two years with the spring missing - it still has 3 springs and works fine. weld the mount back on (or buy a new trip edge - like $75 used) or just use it as is. its priced right. the hydraulics and electrical work well. fresh paint. selling for $995 (this is shown in the first two pictures)

    second is a MM1 2 plug 7.5 foot. has some rot holes along the top of the mold board but isn't bad. works well. no issues. fresh paint. $995. (this is shown in the third and fourth pictures)

    third is a MM1 hydraulic system. 8 foot blade. this was taken off a ford with the 5.8 motor. i have the complete plowside - blade, a-frame, head gear, headlights/wriring, pistons etc. and everything that goes under the hood - pump, hydraulic lines, joystick, joystick cables, pump mount bracket, headlight wiring, etc etc. blade has rot along the top of the mold board. everything worked well when removed over the summer. all the truckside stuff has been in my dry/warm basement since then - not left out in the weather. i'm selling the entire system for $750. (this blade is shown in the last picture)

    i am located in providence ri. call or text me at 401-64O-5916 if you are interested in anything. Thanks!