3/8" or 1/2" Cutting Edge?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by 007, Nov 5, 2000.

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    Just wondering how far everyone wears their cutting edge down before they change it out. I just measured mine and I have about 2.5" left until it would hit the bottom of the plow. In measuring the cutting edge I have about 5" left, so I must have worn off an inch last season.

    In anycase I was looking at getting a new cutting edge to have as a spare in the garage. I have a 9'0" Western Pro Plow and I see that they have a standard 3/8" and then a 1/2" cutting edge. The guy at the plow dealer was telling me that the 1/2" isn't really any much better than the standard one...?

    I also never use my disc shoes when plowing....
  2. diggerman

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    I had special 5/8 blades for my Boss plows, there is most likely an after market steel manufactures in your area.
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    On my v plow it came with 3/8" edges that wore very fast.About 3 storms was all we got out of them. On my straight plows I used to use 3/4" take offs from highway plows. They last a very long time, and wear very slow.
    We have since found a different material that works better for US, it may not work great for everyone. You can email me off forum if you are curious about the material. The topic has been covered before and I dont want to rehash the same topic again.
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    the 1/2 will last you an extra year or more. I only let mine wear 2 inchs to keep the hieght of the moldboard.
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    When it comes to steel edges, you have to pay as much attention to carbon content as the thickness. Many places (at least here) try to sell you mild steel, instead of high carbon steel. Naturally, the mild steel wears faster.

    You can also get edges at any structural steel supplier, and get what you want, and know what you are getting. Just give them the thickness, width, and length. Tell them you want a high carbon steel. You'd have to drill it yourself though. The only catch is you can't drill square holes, to use carriage bolts. You can use them in round holes, but a tack weld may be necessary to get them tight without spinning them. It doesn't matter in a sense, because they will most likely be removed with a torch when changing edges in the future anyway.

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    Although you might find they have stamping patterns for the diffrent edges. The company I got mine from did,and the ones they didn't have I gave them the dimmensions on and they made them for me