3/4 - 1/2 1958 chevrolet w/70-75 chassis


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a while ago i bought an 8 lug 1958 chevrolet apache truck. After looking around for 16.5 tires for this truck, i decided to turn the truck into a 5 lug as these tires are readily available and more cost efficient :D . I have changed the front end and rear end into a 5 lug.

I am having problems with the original driveshaft of this truck as the u joints of the shaft do not fit the differential. Does anyone have any suggestions on how i could make the driveshaft fit to the differential besided changing the driveshaft out???


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i have recently found out that i can take apart my 2 piece driveshaft. Does anyone know if the rear half of a 1/2 ton driveshaft will interchange with the front half of the 3/4 ton driveshaft?

I have noticed that the front half of the 1/2 ton driveshaft is identical to the 3/4 ton driveshaft. the only difference that i have seen between the two shafts is the rear section of the shafts which on the 3/4 ton has bigger u joints.

Also, is there any way that i can identify the year of chassis that i have by finding any type of code on it?