2yr Old Mm2 Pump Mount Bolts

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by chrisvoll, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Ok Folkshere Is My Question,
    Are The Bolts That Hold The Power Unit To The Headrack (that Run Threw The Manifold)both Threaded Into The Manifold?while Removing My Power Unit Yesterday The Front One Came Right Out But The Back One Is Seized And The Bolt Head Broke Off
    Thanx Cv
  2. LON

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    goes straight through. Just tap it on out
  3. OP

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    Thank you,
    I wish I could say "tapping it out" is that easy I have been soaking it in PB BLASTER for 24 hrs now and have bent 3 drift pins trying to chase it out.
    thanx again
  4. MOXIE

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    Stuck bolt

    This is very common today because installers don't use Never-Seize. I have had them so stuck that I had to cut them off at the mount and make a shallow cut over the broken bolt to push it out. Chances are that once you have it out for service, that the 2 screws holding the solanoid cover and the 4 screws holding the can will be frozen too. Send me a PM with your phone # and I will walk you thru it.
  5. OP

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    All Set We Had To Drill It Out...sucked But Its Done,now Lathering Those Bolts W/ Never Sieze