2nd year looking to upgrade

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    This is my second year doing snow removal on my own. Worked for a friend for 3 years prior. He hated doing snow so I took over. Started with a single stage toro blower & got addicted to single stage. Bought a yard machine this year. Usually hire my kids & a couple of their high school friends when school is out.Made good money last year, here in Topeka we usually only get less than 6 inches @ a time. It only snows maybe a half a dozen times around here.
    At this time I'm only doing resi driveways & would like to @ least double my accounts & not have to count on hiring othert. I would like to get a plow for next year & double my accounts. I have a 97 F-150 & am thinking of getting a daniels pull plow. I've looked @ the ebling & others along with Hiniker c-plow. My delima is that honestly I dont feel like the truck is big enough for the Hiniker. Second I can put the daniels on just about anything & the price is better until I can get a bigger truck. Any suggestions comments complaints is very much appreciated. I've been reading posts for quite some time but finally decided to join & post my own.

    Thanks in advance
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    If you get a pull plow you still need something to push the snow with once you drag it out of the driveway. IMO i would get a 7'6 straight blade, it's easier to use in tight areas around cars esepecially in drives and you can still put wings on it to extend it.
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    F-150 you need a straight blade, I think a V is going to be too heavy. A rear plow is great to speed up your route, but its not designed as a primary plow.
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    thanks guys I'm trying to get the best bang for my buck. Arent we all.
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    either a front blade or a small skid loader