29 series on a 1500 Tahoe?

Discussion in 'Sno-Way Discussion' started by leadfootracing1, Feb 22, 2008.

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    I have a 98 Chevy Tahoe and have been looking at putting a plow on it. I have a 3500 with a boss plow on it wesport , but its a little much to get into some residential areas with a long dually.
    Is anybody runnin the 29 series on a Tahoe? Did you have to add any front end support to handle the weight?
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    I would add timbrens, crank the T bars and carry ballast.
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    agree 100%
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    i have a 96 tahoe, with a 29T poly on it....funny you say this..the timbrens do ****, id go with air....also replace those shocks up front b/c the stock ones do nothing..(i used napa shocks, big yellow high load type..35 dollars each)..., cranking up the T-bars rocks hard on your alignment (makes the tires toe in when you lift the plow up..).., so i hope you know someone willing to align ur truck after because your gonna have to crank it way up.. . the snoway plow mounts dont fit well at all..you'll have to re-drill into the frame..deff not a "bolt" up kit. If you plan on putting on the frame for the plow,, you have a HUGE gap in the front of the frame mount..it looks like it's suppose to bolt up were the tow hooks go....it doesn't..it extends passed the front frame rail. To make it secure your gonna have to add some metal to fill the frame gap. BTW..the front bumper is gonna require to have some bolts reversed to actually hold your bumper up well.....b/c the snoway mount blocks the bolts that pass threw the bumper. When i asked about this, they said you dont reinstall some of the bolts...(the DOT would toss a FIT about this im sure, being that your bumper jiggles if you dont reinstall the bolts). ,...if you can take you front bumper off, it will make installation much easier, and replace it with all new bolts..this all depends on rust....im sure your the same front as i am...good luck..ill post some pictures....i thing the 29T weighs a little more then just the 29, also..ballast, ballast, ballast...about 5 or 6 80lb bags of concrete in the back should level the truck out a little...
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