285/75R18's on stock suspension, WITH a plow

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by Noelie84, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Morning all.

    I've got a 2015 Ram 2500, stock suspension and 18" rims.
    Anybody running 285/75R18's (or 35's, which have around the same height, but are an inch wider) on a stock truck? I am looking for a little extra clearance but don't want to install a lift/leveling kit. Going to 285's would get me almost an inch of extra height (1.67" overall diameter difference), and I know that they won't rub without the plow on because I have a buddy with a '16 running the same size with no issues, but he doesn't run a plow so I don't know if they'll cause problems when I hang 900lbs from the nose.

    Long story short, are 285/75R18's likely to rub with the weight of my 8.5 Fisher V on the front?
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    How mulch front suspension sag/compression do you have now? That should give you an idea as to if the taller tyres are going to be an issue.
    I'd turn the wheels all the way left / right and put on tyre on a curb or block that's curb height to get the full picture.
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    I have a fair amount of clearance now, but currently the plow is buried at the back side of the garage behind the 'summer' stuff and I was hoping to avoid digging it out, adding my usual counterweight, and hooking everything up (and then putting everything back afterwards) just to find out. Figured asking if anybody had any first-hand experience was a good way to save a lot of garage shuffling.
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    35s will rub with a 9.5 v with wings and a level kit on the truck
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