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2500 HD or 3500 srw

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by josolar, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. josolar

    josolar Junior Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 14

    Hi just wanted some opinions on whether to purchase the gmc 2500 HD or 3500 srw. Do they have equal carrying compacity? do both have plow prep? The truck will be used for plowing mostly driveways and landscaping(possibly will inserting ez dump). Thanks for any feedback.
  2. OhioPlower

    OhioPlower Senior Member
    Messages: 440

    Heres what I know about them trucks. The 2500HD has a GVWR of 9200 pounds. The 3500 SRW has a GVWR of 9900 pounds. You can get the plow prep on both of them as far as I know. The thing I like about the 2500HD's is that you can get them in a short bed. The 3500 SRW you can only get in regular cab, ext. cab 8 ft. bed, or crew cab 8 ft. bed. The 3500 SRW comes standard with LT265's which I like. If I was going to put a ez dump in a 2500HD or a 3500 SRW I would choose the 3500 SRW Im going to check out a 3500 SRW in a few minutes. I'll get back to you later after I go and see one in person. -Rob
  3. calhoun

    calhoun Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    I just had the same discession. I got an HD. The prices where real close since the srw comes with an auto and locker which are options on the HD. Both tow the same. I like the 265s on the 3500 but it comes with painted steel wheels. The HD comes with chrome. Figured I could replace the tires to 265 (when they wear out) easyer than changing wheels. In my area registration and insurance are both are based on GVW. The HD is cheaper to register and insure. I already have 97 3500 (for sale) and it is 9200 gvw, so I didn't need the extra capacity. Plow prep available on both. Both are nice trucks.
  4. OhioPlower

    OhioPlower Senior Member
    Messages: 440

    I just got back from checking the 3500 SRW out. Its a nice truck. Rides about 2 inches higher in the back and about .5-1 inch higher in the front compared to the 2500HD. The 3500 SRW had 1 extra leaf spring in the main pack(compared to the 2500HD) and had 1 overload spring. I like the 3500SRW better than the 2500HD but both are good trucks.
  5. nsmilligan

    nsmilligan PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 704

    Just ordered a srw 3500 shoud be here in August, 8.1, SLE, plow prep, dual battery, trailer pkg, camper pkg, power seat, skid plate pkg, cab lights and Allison auto, my present truck was running about 9200 GVW with the plows, spreader etc, the couple of extra bucks the 3500 is a better plw truck

  6. ratlover

    ratlover PlowSite.com Addict
    from IL
    Messages: 1,325

    same truck with differnt tires and more springs in the rear and a higher legal capacity. The tires are the limiting factor on the 2500HD's. And some different option configs.....

    Given the choice I would probably get the 3500 since I wouldnt have to imediatly ditch the factory pizza cutters for deccent tires. I sold my 245's with a few hundred miles on em and put on some 265's and havent looked back. That and I get tired of every one telling me I got a 3/4 ton.....look at the gvrw, its the old 1 ton rating. 3500swr and 2500HD is just marketing stuff.....