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2500 brake question

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by deluxeco, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. deluxeco

    deluxeco Senior Member
    Messages: 115

    typical problem with the older body style chevy's I, have a 1999 2500 that has touchy brakes when you first get in it and the rear brakes howl badly when stopping,anyone have luck fixing this problem?
  2. murphyslaw

    murphyslaw Senior Member
    Messages: 443

    nope not fixd but my truck does the same thig but once its warmed up it all better.
  3. Rowski

    Rowski Senior Member
    Messages: 129

    I would check the following:

    Make sure that your wheel seals are not leaking gear oil and contaminating your brake linking. Make sure that your brakes are clean, no brake dust or rust dust. Also make sure your e-brake is not sticking slightly. I do remember there is a TBS GM had for this problem. If my memory is correct it replaces the shoes with a different type of friction material to reduce the brake grabbing/noise.

    I'm not at work (home with sick 4 year old) so I can't give you the TSB specifics.


  4. TLS

    TLS PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    These rear drums on C/K 3/4-1T trucks are notorious for these symptoms.

    The grabbing is due to rust.

    The droan/growl when stopping is also due to rust, but not on the braking surface.

    I'd do brake jobs on my old truck to find out that they were barely worn. But I'd do them anyway and things would improve greatly for a while.

    The self adjusters get a little rusty and don't always "SELF" adjust the way they are supposed to.

    For now, I'd dial in a few more clicks on the adjusters and see if that helps. You could try a few hard reverse brake applications, but if they're rusty, you'll likely need to manually adjust them.

    Rear axle seals as Rowski said are common for these trucks.

    There are also different proportioning valves for these trucks...Try one from a 3/4 ton suburban....they gave more power to the rear brakes.