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Today's high was about 15 Celcius. "Low" predicted of 11 Celcius tonight. Seasonal average: high 1 Celcius, low -6 Celcius.

:confused: as to which month it is! Feels more like March.

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Western New York
It's was warmer here in Buffalo today then it was in Phoenix. :cool:
Now this is getting weird. 73, shorts, flowers and cherry blossoms on december 5th IN BUFFALO?
:confused: :rolleyes:

Snojab I'm w/ you on this one.


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JOHN ALLIN.....you were so right.....got up today with an additional 10". Started plowing right away. Got stuck not quite right away. After I got out, it started warming up....what a mess.
It's raining now and here I am having a cup of coffee and yaking with you guys......BUT the roads are done.!


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winterset iowa
it was a beautiful 70 degrees at 8 am today. had a cold front come thru thus afternoon, droped about 15 degrees in 15 minutes. its still looking to be above average temps here for a while longer:(

hope we get some snow for xmas
Mark K


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Albany NY
Same deal here in Albany.

Worked in a T-shirt today. This time last year I think I had been out2-3 times already, nothing real big but never the less I plowed some snow.


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We're getting the same storms as you. I'm already running out of room to put snow at my house. Next step is getting a cat to come out. There's still about 300 homes here without power. They've been without power for 5 days now. Predicting no power for them until sunday.
This snow is so heavy and wet. Tough on trucks. Replaced both hubs on my truck so far. No clue on accumulation here, last I checked on Saturday we had 24 inches. We've had more since, and as of now we're under a winter storm warning again.
Just got up as I'm expecting the call to go and plow again. I guess we must be very lucky to be getting all this snow. Or are we? :)


Annapolis MD
I ran the boat down the river for it's last(maybe) splash of diesel for the winter. Im at the gas dock in shorts almost sweating fueling the boat up. It felt kinda wierd to be doing this in dec in shorts while listening to x-mass tunes.
Something is just not right with the weather this year.

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Western New York
Nope, Still wating in sunny Buffalo NY. 80% chance of snow tonight w/ 1-2 inches mostly south and east of here, 6+ in the hills. So I looks like we are going to miss out on this one and get back up arround 50 all next week. :confused:

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