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I'm just starting my 3rd season using my Boss HTX on my '15 F150. Previously I've had no issues with this plow and my truck. This past weekend was the first plowable storm of the season. While running my plow I noticed my HVAC controls would just cut out/shut down for a second when raising or angling the plow.

I checked my connections and everything appeared good. Under the hood nothing looked corroded.

Any idea what it could be? My only guess is a weak battery. It's the original battery and I'm not using the truck everyday like I used too. I picked up a car for commuting, so I'm only driving it once a week or so.

I also read somewhere online (maybe here) that a battery can freeze and get slushy. Thus not absorbing the electrical spike as effectively when you let off the controller after raising/angling the plow. The charge shoots back into the electronics and the shutdown (of HVAC controls in my case) is just the system protecting itself. Not sure of the truth to this but it sounds like it makes sense.

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Does the truck have a battery gauge? If so, what does it show when you are operating the plow?

It does sound like a weak battery - the over-voltage "electrical spike" situation you mentioned is not an issue with the F150, only the 250/350s. In your case, it sounds like the voltage is just dropping too low and the truck is cutting off extraneous items to compensate, similar to when the engine is starting.

It could also be an alternator issue, but if it's a 2015 and the battery is original, that would definitely be my first guess.
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