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2014 sierra 1500 hid light question

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by pancepance, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. pancepance

    pancepance Junior Member
    from ct
    Messages: 18

    Hello all.
    I picked up a '14 sierra 1500 denali.
    The truck is real nice but the stock headlights were horrific. I replaced them with HID kits using relay harnesses and capacitor to get it working right. Once installed have worked flawlessly since May.
    Had a new boss installed last week and For some reason now the Hid's do not work. Well they sort of work but only for a couple of minutes. Now when headlights are on the hid relays to consistently buzz which I know is trying to turn itself off/on/off/on. The lights will stay on for a while but then crap out completely. The installer is blaming the Hid's but I had the exact same kit in my tundra and the same boss plow (2 years older but same model) and they worked fine. I'm at a loss what to look for. Was thinking maybe I could just have the plow without the switch for "plow/truck" lights. Would that work? I don't mind having to turn off my headlights when the plow is on and visa versa. I am not sure that will work because I'm not sure how the plow gets the signal for the lights. I know the newer trucks are very sensitive to anything electrical. Was hoping someone may have a similar issue with one of these or the Chevy counterpart. I just cant figure out what changed between having no plow and now a plow. From what I understand the plow harness should just go in line before where the factory bulb would be. If that is the case why would it interfere with the hid's? Is there something I am missing? I admittedly am no expert in plow wire harness set up. Its just frustrating because nobody wants to help. Plow installer blames hid's, Hid's blame the plow installer.
    The only suggestion I've been given is to run the hid's from one side and only hook the plow up to the other. I only need one factory connection for the hid's as they both work off one side. I am not sure the plow can work off one side only though. The suggestion was feed hid's from pass. side and feed plow from driver side.
    Just figured I'd inquire.
    If nothing comes up I'll be sure to post what winds up happening as I know as time goes on I will not be the only one with this type of issue.
    And yes, I know, I shouldn't have put a plow on this truck in the first place. Now I just need to fix the issue cause its dark early and I am running into issues getting home from work cause the lights don't work. Any thoughts are appreciated.
    Other than the light issue, the truck handles the plow very very well. Has less sag than the tundra did and will require less ballast if any. Driving with the plow hung feels more solid. Havent had chance to use it yet but it seems better than the tundra was and I thought the tundra was pretty good for 1/2ton.
  2. Beegs

    Beegs Junior Member
    from eastern
    Messages: 5

    Any updates on this? Also, where did you buy the HID kit? I have the same problem, the lights are horrible!