2014-2018 GMC 1500 (looking for pics)


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Good morning all. I have been plowing with ole Jeeps for the last 15yrs(56 Willys pick up then a 2008 Wrangler). I have just bought a 2018 GMC 1500 SLE, and am going to be switching the Fisher MM2 over to it.

I'm looking for pics of 2014-2018 1500 GMC/Chevs with a MM2 mounted. Also what did you add to the front end to support the extra weight of the plow? I added Timbrens to the Wrangler and they worked great, but not sure how they work on a pick up, as I still want a decent ride.

In particular I'm looking for pics of the plow mounts and how much valence had to be removed.
I checked on Fishers E-match and everything I used on the Wrangler is spec'd for the 1500 Sierra, with the excepetion of truck side mount and HID headlight harness.

PS This is for personal use only, and the plow is removed when not in use.


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The Valance - just at the tow hooks need to be cut out so the front license in between will just hang and not be an issue. But if the front end sag with the blade up is tolerable just go with that (it's just light use) - or add the timbrems if you want ... But put 300 -500 lbs in the bed behind the rear wheels and the front will stay up better and the traction will be very good



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