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I have a home health company and I have had a truck and plow (a 91 f150 with and older western plow). The truck has become less dependable and the plow is getting on in age. I’ve searched specifically for a white 2500 suburban. I’m in upstate NY- and a white suburban sticks out around here like a sore thumb. So the plan has been to 1/2 wrap it like I have my other white vehicles and try to take advantage of some good neighbor advertising.

I have the plow because we deal mostly with shut in- home bound elderly. I have both staff and clients/patients that need to either GET there- or GET out of there. Plowing has been a nice addition to our services and has also reduced the excuses of the employee who claims to be stuck. I find myself plowing several other driveways thought the day when it snows hard. As I mentioned I’m in upstate NY and we can get dumped on. I’m not plowing for a living but a lightweight driveway plow or a plexiglass outfit isn’t going to suffice. I’ll only plow when we have 6 inches or more and its not uncommon to get 12-24 or more in less hours. When it snows hard here we’ll get 30-50 inches of snow before people can get out with their shovels.

I’m a big fan of the suburban. Always have been. Decided to take the suburban and put a new plow on it. Locally, just about every plow is available. Some off brands likely not available in other places have probably been made as well.

I haven’t been dissapointed with the Western, and as it seems, some of the new ones have a pretty decent system where the equipment doesn’t have to stay on all year long. I like the thought that it can look just like a regular vehicle when the plow isn’t on.

I’m being pushed (I don’t know why) toward Fisher. I don’t know much about them. I seem to be most familiar with western and Meyer. I’ve also been ‘directed’ to a couple of other plows that have the spring loaded wings- which look great for a windrow, but seem that in a big chunk of ice they might not quite have the steadiness needed.

Although a stainless plow would look great- I don’t really need to incur the extra cost. As for a V- same thing, don’t NEED the cost, and don’t need the weight.

As for the bumper I’ll have to make some modifications. I do not have a z71, but the grey middles of the z71 bumper appear to have a nice ‘breaking point’ in regards to something that I could possibly modify and have it look decent year round.

Curious if anyone has any thoughts on the suburban. It CURRENTLY has a 6 inch suspension lift, but that will be reduced down to 3” this week so I don’t have to modify the plow frame, and when I got it, it came with 35’s which will drop to 33 or maybe lower- bad turning radius and some rub. I looked for months for the right vehicle- the body and interior are great- I had to buy it sight unseen and have it shipped from utah- was told it had a 3 inch lift (which I figured was some form of a hockey puck leveling system that had been played with)- turned out not to be the case.

At any rate- If anyone has and thoughts - experience with the bumper on the suburban and the best way to make that work- Id appreciate some help and ideas. As far as the plow goes- same thing. I think I’ll look at a 7.5 (8 footer) and not anything too incredibly huge or fancy- I’ll plow about 60 or 70 driveways in a season if its bad. Otherwise- maybe 20-30. Don’t anticipate any parking lots or anything commercial. Just a matter of being able to get to the folks that need care and to get my employees to them. Thank you in advance for your help. I’d appreciate some thoughts.


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I suggest you stick with what you know which would be a Western and get a 8ft min.
Tires go with a 285 or 275 / 70 tire, they're aboot 32" tall and tread is 9"<> wide, anything wider you have to much floatation.
Given the amount of driveways you indicated you'll be plowing don't get a homeowners plow, get a commerial grade plow.

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No experiences with newer Suburbans, but I agree they are great multi-purpose vehicles. I have a 7.5 Western on my current '01 8.1 2500 and it does everything I need without breaking a sweat. However, I only plow my own driveway, and that of an older neighbor if it's more than he can handle.

As far as plow brand? If I was buying new, I'd probably go with the closest/best supported (commercial grade, as mentioned above) brand from the major manufacturers. Most, if not all modern plows detach both the plow and the headgear, leaving only mounts and plug ends visible. I'm gonna guess that whatever plow you go with will necessitate cutting some of the lower valance (below the bumper) to fit. I've read of people swapping out valances seasonally to try to look OEM in the summer, but having the mounts exposed doesn't bother me.
Good luck, and post up pictures of the 'burb!

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If you don’t plow until it’s 6” or more, and if you’re busting into unplowed driveways after a dump of snow, I’d definitely get the v plow.


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Thank you for the great replies. I appreciate it. I think that I actually might be able to get away with just removing the lower valance and not having to switch bumpers back-and-forth in the season.

On that note however, I have decided that a V plow is for me. Just the versatility and everything about it just seems to be right. I’m a bit concerned about the extra weight on the front end but I will install some timbrens And just watch a year to year.

I had been pushed by a local sales person towards a Fisher plow that and I think I mentioned above that my experience has been more with Western and Myers and Boss. I have seen a few of the stainless snow dogg v plows and they look nice and I’ve heard that they are incredibly easy to use and terribly versatile.

I have a friend who buys plows for a municipality and has bought several of the v snow doggs for a number of light duty pick up trucks. I have “heard” nothing but praise.

Due to the extra weight and the stainless steal and what I had seen as original costs, I hadn’t really looked into it because it appeared to have been pricier than to go with another brand or a straight plow, but just the other day I found out that I can get a brand new 8 foot V for a couple of hundred bucks less than a straight Western or Fisher. Later I came to this site and did some research and it seems that it is, according to many out there, the snow dogg is Yugo of the snow plow. What happened?

I realize that people have their brand loyalty and often times people hear things about other brands but never have I had two experiences. I haven’t heard any real life experiences from people I know that have a snow dog but on the forums hear it really gets blown to pieces - and not in a good way

I realize that a stainless plate I was going to show more scratches and dance and dings and then the steel plow will show and it’s not so much the stainless, although I do like the looks, that is attractive, it’s the V.

I was set to go two nights ago- Ready to get the plow ordered and ready to get it put on and start getting ready for the winter but now I’m stuck. Is anyone had any true real life adventures or misadventures that can be shared that would help me understand why this is? I do get the “get what you pay for” but it’s a couple of hundred dollars. And the versatility and the fact that it’s stainless for the same price as a straight blade, maybe that should be telling me something but I need some help. Is it really that bad? Am I going to be that disappointed? Is it worth spending another 1500 or $2000 to go with a fisher or Western or Meyer or buys the plow versus the snow dog? I’m good appreciate your help :) thank you in advance!

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