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2011.5 and newer

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by 2500HDVXT, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. 2500HDVXT

    2500HDVXT Junior Member
    from mn
    Messages: 10

    hello fellow plowsiters just wondering how the new highoutput cummins is and if anyone is plowing with it. fuel mileage pros cons and what now kinda bored with no snow just thought i would see how people are liking them. still thinking about making the switch from gm to ram.
  2. plowguy43

    plowguy43 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,281

    Checkout competitiondiesel.com or cumminsforum.com there are a bunch of threads over there about them. People who own them seem to love them and feel the extra power and the others say a tuner will do the same and more with less investment because dealers are blowing out 2011 non HO trucks.
  3. captshawn

    captshawn Senior Member
    Messages: 213

    I traded in a 2005 LLY Duramax for my 2011 non HO Cummins couple months ago and don't regret it one bit. My Ram is a crew cab 3500 and I thought my GMC was a plowing machine until this truck. Don't get me wrong the GMC was a nice truck, but each truck makes different power. The 6.7 Cummins has alot more bottom end power were the Duramax had to spool up more and get more rpm before it made good power. I had everything done to my Duramax from egr delete, exhaust, kitty delete and EFI live, Banks and a PPE programmers. My stock Cummins gets better fuel mileage on the hwy, but about the same in town. In a drag race I feel the Duramax would win, but it would be even until top end. Plowing and using bottom end power? Hands down the Cummins.
  4. Laszlo Almasi

    Laszlo Almasi Senior Member
    Messages: 326

    I just bought a 2009 6.7 to install into my 2nd gen (2001) Ram. I can't wait to be able to drive this beast.
  5. plowmaster07

    plowmaster07 Senior Member
    Messages: 438

    Subscribed. I'm pretty sure I want one of the new Ram's when I trade my 96 dodge in, curious to hear how people like them on here too.