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2010 F250 diesel (need help)

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by bigc1301, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. bigc1301

    bigc1301 Senior Member
    Messages: 145

    Got this truck new and was going great. Now it has started to smoke and run like crap. It just runs rough. Of course it doesnt do it all the time. I took it back to the dealer and they say nothing is wrong and its not smoking. Course as soon as I leave it does the same damn thing. Now it is going back and forth between cleaning exhaust filter and drive to clean exhaust filter. I thought about a tuner and DPF delete but will this get rid of my head aches? I dont see any big changes in fuild levels. Only has 23000 miles on it. Course I have the extented warranty and all but I if the tuner and DPF delete will fix it and give my better fuel mileage it might be worth it. Any thoughts of what could be wrong or am I THinking right about the tuner and delete kit?
  2. Banksy

    Banksy PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,113

    Are you willing to trade your extended warranty in hopes that a tuner and DPF delete fix it?

    If you think you're frustrated now, wait until Ford denies your warranty claims and you are stuck with the bill. I'm not taking that risk while it's under warranty.
  3. rstan2010

    rstan2010 Member
    from Troy MI
    Messages: 96

    Do the delete! I did the deletes on my 2010 and it is the best thing i did for this truck. It sounds like your problem is a clogged dpf. Swap it out with a 5" exhaust dp back or doc/dpf delete pipes and get a good tunner. H&S mini max or a spartan are both great tunners.
  4. Triple L

    Triple L PlowSite Fanatic
    from Canada
    Messages: 6,078

    I wouldn't touch the thing expecially after paying for the extended warranty
  5. bigc1301

    bigc1301 Senior Member
    Messages: 145

    Bansky, thats why i come here to get thoughts. I asked for opinions, didnt say i was doing anything. I am at a loss for what to do. Its been to the dealer 2 times already.
  6. Banksy

    Banksy PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,113

    You should re-read my post and no read so much into it. I think it falls within your guidelines of a thought and or opinion.

    Keep putting that truck in the dealers face. Make them deal with it. They know darn well there is a problem, but it's easier to just keep giving it back to you when it runs well for them. Would you let them keep it for a few days so they can have time to recreate the problem?

    You can also try a heavy dose of Power Service diesel treament and go tow something heavy. A lot of poor running Cummins engines have been brought back to life that way.
  7. Evil PSD

    Evil PSD Member
    Messages: 30

    is the truck smoking during regen? best thing to do is like stated above is to keep giving it back to the dealer, ford is awful for warranty repairs they dont want to touch anything, been there and i work for a ford dealer lol
  8. bigc1301

    bigc1301 Senior Member
    Messages: 145

    Last time was almost a week at the dealer. I been driving it hard seeing if that was it but still does it. Does it at different times. Sometimes after regen sometimes just out of the blue.
  9. snopushin ford

    snopushin ford Senior Member
    from mass
    Messages: 194

    do you tow with it?? or have access to tow somthing?? i suggestr putting a good load on it and see what it does. i am on my second 6.4 because i got a good deal on a crew cab (coming from a supercab). I would think working it hard would make somthing show up. I did a delete on mine and run H&S tunes and the truck is just happy, runs cooler, stronger and i hate regens for plowing. get some weight behind her and see what happens. Matt
  10. Tbrothers

    Tbrothers Senior Member
    Messages: 140

    Can't you do the dpf delete and still keep all the original equipment and when you have a issue bolt the filter back on and take it in to the dealer for warrany work? From what I've heard the DPF delete is the best thing for these trucks, reports of 24 to 26 mpg after the delete. Thinking of getting rid of my 08 V10 and getting a 6.4 if I could find the right deal.
  11. bigc1301

    bigc1301 Senior Member
    Messages: 145

    Matt it does away with the regen right? I pull a trailer with four wheelers(4) and skidloader from time to time. Just trying to figure out what i can do. From what I have been told is the regen is harder on the motor then not having it
  12. snopushin ford

    snopushin ford Senior Member
    from mass
    Messages: 194

    yes the regen is harder on thew motor. I had my H&S mini maxx hooked up but did not load the tunes yet, so it was basically gauges for a stock truck. during regen on the highway the egt's would hit 1250 degrees. to hit that temp now i have to run a high tune and drive with the accellerator pinned. also the regen process adds fuel which can dilute your engine oil= not good. by deleteing you basically let the truck run how it should (cooler) and it uses less fuel. i probably average 17mpg for a crew cab lariat. The choice you have to make is about warranty. it takes me about 1.5 hours to make the truck stock. These trucks tuned seem to be more reliable than stock. but i suggest hooking up to your skid steer trailer and drive it a bit harder than usual to see what happens.
  13. George C

    George C Senior Member
    Messages: 117

    Don't think twice, do the deletes.
    I have an 08' did it as soon as the programs came out and have had everything warranty related honored.
    You will gain almost 1/3 better mileage across the board, and more importantly, you will shut down the EGR which is what kills this engine.
  14. jbell36

    jbell36 Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 222

    to the OP, i have the exact same issue...smokes randomly, sometimes really good too...i have taken it in twice, now it needs to go in a third time...i'm convinced it's a clogged DPF as well...i'm very close to just deleting and tuning...the first time they said it was probably a stuck EGR, the second time they said there was a flash or something for the computer...both are ********, i'm sure they know something is wrong with the actual DPF and dont' want to replace it because from what i've been told they are really expensive, somewhere in the thousands...

    for what it's worth, i still love my truck...
  15. bigc1301

    bigc1301 Senior Member
    Messages: 145

    george c what kit did u use?
  16. plowguy43

    plowguy43 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,281

    1. Do the Delete's and a Tune, Diesels were never meant to have EGR's.
    2. If you are worried about losing your extended warranty, cancel it and you'll get your money back (pro-rated).
    3. You probably won't have problems anymore if you do delete it.
    4. Dealer service is paid on a flat rate, they want your truck in and out as fast as possible. Keep bringing it back if the problem is not fixed, preferably while its doing it. Take the service manager for a ride and show him if possible.

    Good luck!
  17. Plowtoy

    Plowtoy Senior Member
    Messages: 929

    HOW TRUE!! Not to mention OE warranty work doesn't pay nearly as much as aftermarket warranty or customer pay. And definitely have the service manager ride with you
  18. SalNazzaro

    SalNazzaro Senior Member
    Messages: 312

    Do the delete and keep your dpf and reinstall the dpf if you ever have to take your truck to the dealer. Delete is 100% worth the money you save in fuel and your motor will last longer without all the restrictions from the emission equipment.
  19. Ultra Duty

    Ultra Duty Member
    from NE OHIO
    Messages: 65

    Do the Delete, very easy to swap tune back to stock and put the filter on if you have a big problem that needs to be addressed with warranty. Ford knows that everyone is doing this, that is why they try to get service techs to do "software upgrades" which i decline everytime. Alot too depends on your relationship with your dealership. That is key.
  20. plow/truck

    plow/truck Member
    Messages: 57

    I have a friend that works at a ford dealership, he claims that once they plug in their computer in it sends the code to the data base and your warranty is done.
    I probed him about getting around this and he says it's not possible- even if you remove the program as it's stored somehow.