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2010 Chevy 2500HD without plow prep?

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by stump, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. stump

    stump Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Hi guys :waving:
    I am new to this site and have a question for you guys. I bought a 2010 chevy 2500HD with 55,000 miles on it a month or so ago. It is an extended cab short box with the 6.0 in it. So far l love the truck only mods i have done to the truck is put a torsion key leveling kit on it. I figured on putting a plow on the truck since the day i bought it but like a dumba?! didnt see if it was plow prep. Anyhow i was calling about pricing plows when i looked at my FGVRW and it was 4200 and was told by the western dealer they could only put a mid weight plow on it because of it not having the plow prep. Not going to put a mid weight on a 3/4 ton truck!! Called a boss plow dealer and he said with timberns and some weight in the back i would be just fine with the 8.2 DXT which is what i would like to have on the front. My question is to you guys, is this truck going to handle this plow or is this just a bad idea to put it on the truck. figure the boss dealer would tell me this just to sell a plow. I wouldn't be doing comercial plowing just a few long driveways and some farm yards and some friends driveways. Thanks you in advance :salute:
  2. SnowGuy73

    SnowGuy73 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 24,870

    You'll be fine, one of my current 2500hd trucks doesn't have the prep package on it with a blizzard 810 with no problems.
  3. JustJeff

    JustJeff 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,481

    Most guys don't have plow-prep trucks. I got one, but only because it happened to have it when I bought it. If you're ONLY doing a few driveways you could pretty much put anything you want on there. I don't think I'd do commercial with a 4,200 lb. front end rating even with timbrens, but that's just me. But for your application the 8'-2" Boss should be fine.
  4. SnowGuy73

    SnowGuy73 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 24,870

    This about sums it up for most guys.
  5. chevyzrule810

    chevyzrule810 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,288

    Snow Plow Prep Package
    10-amp power for backup and roof emergency light
    Forward lamp wiring harness
    Provision for cab roof-mounted lamp/beacon
    Instrument panel jumper wiring harness for electric trailer brake controller
    Skid Plate Package
    Increased Front Gross Axle Weight Rating
    Requires 4WD models. Includes a 160-amp alternator with the Vortec® 6.0L V8 SFI engine (dual 125-amp alternators with the Duramax® 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine).