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2009 Kubota M135XDTC with plow mount and blower

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by NLS1, May 7, 2012.

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  1. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    Hey folks
    Up for sale is our sweet snow rig, incredibly clean and in PERFECT working order.
    Needs absolutely nothing, virtually new still, totally fluid filmed and still has plastic from dealer on the seat!
    Complete service at 370 hrs
    443 hrs and not climbing as we do not use it in the summer. I just hop in and start it every week or so.
    2009 Kubota M135XDTC
    shuttle shift
    push button shifting without clutch
    air ride seat
    bi-speed turn - turns on a dime! Seriously amazing turning radius!
    super comfortable, with all the options, and a bunch of stuff I don't even know how to use since I am not a farmer!
    135 hp
    118 pto hp
    blows snow incredibly well, even the super wet stuff, power to spare

    Blizzard mount, wiring, and controller for 8611 made by Stonebrooke Equipment.
    With tractor - $500
    I just spoke with Stonebrooke and new is $1100 for the mount and more for the wiring and controller

    Buhler Farm King Blower, perfect condition, with pto shaft and hoses, paint not even worn off, fluid filmed and ready to work next winter.
    $4000- new is $8k according to Lano Equipment

    Inverted Shoule s-492 blower (yellow) and 8611 plow in pics not currently for sale.

    No disappointments here, this stuff is perfect!

    Bloomington, MN 55437





  2. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    more pics for your viewing pleasure





  3. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

  4. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    and even a few more pics




  5. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    And here is a better pic of the barely used red blower. This thing is almost unused.

  6. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    Price change.

    I will include the 8611 mount and wiring and controller for the tractor at the $51500 price. Or go $800 less if you don't want any of that. Which is $50,700 for the tractor only for those who may be mathematically challenged! This thing needs nothing!

    Mount and wiring and controller separate are $1k

    If you want the Buhler blower too I will lower to $3000 with the tractor. $4000 still without the tractor. This thing is almost new, and fluid filmed, and ready for next winter if we actually get one!


  7. snoworks07

    snoworks07 Member
    Messages: 34

    Give me a call tomorrow, I have a few questions I would like to ask you regarding this tractor.



    Chuck Benigni
  8. PTSolutions

    PTSolutions PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,537

    Beauty of a setup, a lil big and more than i wanted to spend on a second tractor outfit. Keeping an eye out for an m100/m110. Good luck with the sale
  9. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    Thank you it is a wonderful machine.

    Looks like I may be keeping it after all, no real interest yet. I will give it a few more weeks. If it doesn't sell soon we will just keep it and add more work for it.

    It is only minimally larger than the M100/M110, mostly tire size. The 9540 and down are quite a bit smaller however.

    Fortunately it never felt too large, and boy is the power awesome! It still turns on a dime, and the only time I was annoyed at the size was the height when there are trees. I had to go trim all the locations in the fall to make sure it didn't get all scratched up. It is 9' tall.

  10. merrimacmill

    merrimacmill PlowSite.com Addict
    from MA
    Messages: 1,823

    Is this still for sale?
  11. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    Yes it is still available. Give a call with any questions, I am not on here a whole lot.

  12. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    Still available.

    Ready for winter

  13. grnstripes

    grnstripes Senior Member
    Messages: 237

    nice macine would love to add something like that to the fleet if i had the cash right now
  14. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    Thanks, it is a wonderful machine.

    I am working on more winter and summer work for it, maybe it will stay with me after all! :) we will see!

  15. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    7/24/12 Update.

    I have decided to sell the Blizzard 8611 with the tractor to make it a better value to hopefully move this great machine before winter.

    Tractor, Blizzard 8611 Plow-Complete, and Buhler Farm King 960 Blower.


    I also have another posting with a used nearly new condition Shoule S-492 inverted blower in another posting.

    Willing to help deliver if a cash offer is finalized.

    These pieces need nothing and are ready to go, no disappointments here!

  16. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    No longer for sale.

    Please delete thread.

    Thank you!

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