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2008 Tundra Pics

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by justinsp, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. justinsp

    justinsp Senior Member
    Messages: 166

    Here are a few random pics of my 2008 Tundra DC SR5.
    The first pic is the day I purchased it off the lot at dealer.

    I have been reading quite a few posts on here with others inquiring about how the new Tundra holds up when put to use.

    Here is my personal experience. I have owned the truck for 11 months now and use it daily to pull a 7k 16 foot enclosed trailer during spring/summer/fall and I have a 7 1/2' Boss Poly plow on front for the winter. I have 2 commercial warehouse parking lots and 20 residential customers that I plow.

    The truck can pull this trailer around without even flinching. Fuel mileage pulling the trailer around the minneapolis metro is around 12-13 MPG on avg. When plowing I have not had any issues what so ever. I did have to put a new set of tires on b/c it came off dealer lot with a very unaggressive highway tread tire. I put on a set of Goodyear Wranglers with Silent Armor and I love the tires.

    I am not posting this thread to get any negative comments from the BIG 3 Lovers. Keep your comments to yourself. This is just a post to help others that were interested in the Tundra for work purposes.

    2008 Tundra Brand New.jpg



  2. metallihockey88

    metallihockey88 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,414

    good lookin truck...i made the mistake of buyin a tacoma when the new tundras came out cause always get worried about buying completely new models of vehicles, which the tundra was like 90% completely redone, i was definately wrong. truck looks like it handles the plow pretty good, suprised how little the front drops with the plow up...you got timbrens or some front suspension upgrade on it?...my 1500 gmc almost drags on the ground with my 7'6 steel unimount in the air.
  3. justinsp

    justinsp Senior Member
    Messages: 166

    Yes the truck handles plow extremely well, Only down side is that the 7 1/2 footer barely covers width of truck. I wanted to buy an 8' plow but nobody would sell me one. I put on a 2 1/2" leveling kit on the front end this summer to level out the ride and then I put ride rite air bags in the rear with a 5K leveling capacity and in-cab control for compressor. I dont recall the brand of leveling kit, will have to look it up.
    I added a back drag to the plow weighing about 60-65 lbs and the front end only drops about 1 1/2".
  4. Brian Young

    Brian Young PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,394

    Nice clean looking truck and set up. In the last pic. are your driving lights on even with the plow lights?
  5. metallihockey88

    metallihockey88 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,414

    put some buyers pro wings on that thing..makes the plow like 9 feet wide, they come off in less that a minute with 3 pins on each wing. best inverstment i ever made, cut so much time off my lots it was nuts, boss thought i was lying to him when i would call in. central parts warehouse has the best price right now that ive seen. but think they are a little tricky to put on poly plows ive heard. you might wanna lookin into those.
  6. justinsp

    justinsp Senior Member
    Messages: 166

    B Young,
    I just noticed that about the driving lights on.
    I must have forgot to flip the switch on my dash that night and didnt even realize it. The parking lights are always on both the truck and plow when plugged in.

    thanks for the input on the pro wings, I had actually looked at them last week, but wasnt sure how good they actually worked. Boss wings are alot more money and they do not make them for the sport duty, I would have to do some mods if I went with the boss. I think I will go take another look at the pro wings today. It is currently snowing out now, predicting 3-4 inches, so I might go buy them and get a chance to use today. I will repost again once I get them on and tried.
  7. metallihockey88

    metallihockey88 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,414

    yea, they are definaltely worth it only downfall is the fact you gotta drill your moldboard and be careful, they will take a beating but do bend but most of the time you can bend em back. talk to the dealer casue like i said they are kinda tricky on poly plows casue of the extra bracing back there but they are easy to mount....first one is kinda a pain, make sure you have some good claps to hold the brackets when you mark your holes and get em lined up but the second side will take 15min. oh yea, send some of that snow down here, havent had any in over a week :drinkup:
  8. MileHigh

    MileHigh PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,827

    Great looking Tundra you got there...I really like the interiors on the new tundra, they feel huge.

    I agree, If you don't like how wide you blade is, get some pro wings...you will also take 30% of your time of those lots you plow...

    I think half tons plow just fine, they just can't hold squat for weight.

    Nice pics.
  9. Newdude

    Newdude Senior Member
    Messages: 889

    Not a fan, however, it does look pretty good. Please, if you can, could you report back every so often on how the truck treats you?? Thanks very much.
  10. theonlybull

    theonlybull Senior Member
    Messages: 405

    looks good. glad to hear it's holding up good for you. i'm a ford man, but i've seen some 'yota's go though hell and back.

    another vote for the prowings, i just put a set on a friends plow for him. amazingly easy to put on/take off. very simple design (real easy to put on after ya do the first side) . wish i'd invented them :p
  11. Eyesell

    Eyesell 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,107

    No one cares about Foreign trucks for work purposes.....:dizzy: just kidding.

    Good Luck with it hope you make tons of payup
  12. NickGB

    NickGB Senior Member
    Messages: 110

    Looks like you need some ballast.

    Truck looks nice though.
  13. Ford445

    Ford445 Senior Member
    from Vermont
    Messages: 243

    Thats an awesome looking truck. Ive always been a Ford man, but always said if I decided I didnt need a 3/4 or larger truck that I would own a new 'yota. I never liked the first tundras but the newer ones are very sharp looking. Congrats and yes it looks like you could use some wings.

  14. justinsp

    justinsp Senior Member
    Messages: 166

    Tundra Pro Wings

    Finally got some pro-wings bought and installed this morning. What a pain in the A** with only 1 set of hands.:realmad: the clamps I had were not strong enough to hold brackets in place with wing attached, but I managed to get it done. You guys were right, side 1 sucked, 2nd side took about 15 minutes.

    I do have a few questions about plowing with these though. Those that are using them, do you leave them on b/w jobs and are you able to use them for backdragging driveways?

    I was only able to try them out on the street in front of my house today, just a little top slush to push around. NWS is calling for 4-7 inches for saturday, so I cant wait to try them out.

    here are a few pics after install.



  15. Krieger91

    Krieger91 Senior Member
    Messages: 353

    I'm not a fan or a detractor of Toyota. Buddy of mine has an '03 Tundra, and it's lived through the exact same abuses we've put a Chevy and Ford through, and it's got a helluva lot better ride on the highway.

    Nice rig, man. Looks like it'll handle whatever you ask it to.
  16. Snowguy01

    Snowguy01 Senior Member
    from Erie
    Messages: 141

    nice looking rig