2008 F-350 adding 2816 TT Coil Springs


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I am new to the site, location lots of great information!
I have a 2008 F-350 4x4 Standard cab 5.4l with 6 speed Manual. Really nice truck, looking to add a plow. Only problem is, it only has a 4400 # front axle.
I am looking for some comments/advice on the 7700 # TT 2816 coil springs and extended shocks.
-Trying to avoid doing any other suspension work
-How is the ride quality with these coils, I read somewhere else the ride was horrible, but elsewhere said there was no difference.

The Truck is 100% stock, and I would like to keep the modifications to just the coils. Not wanting to do any further suspension work.
Need some feedback, and advice.

Thanks much!

You got coil on the front now, The addition should not effect the ride, My 2006 F-350 and has a 5200 Front, 5.4, Carry's a 9' fisher with containment, Has suspension out of a F-550 in the rear for towing. It is not a lumber wagon rides decent. If all possible I will take my Lexus. lol

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