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2008 Dodge 1500 w/ Western Midweight

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by rbmarvin77, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Hello Everyone!
    I'm new to the site. I've had alot of plowing history at work but never had one on my own vehicle. Well that is changing! I've recently purchased a used midweight for the truck and plan on installing everything on my own. Use to be a mechanic, so I have the knowledge and the power to do this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! The truck does have the 20" tires on it but I'm not going to change from 20" to 17"although I do plan on purchasing new tires soon. What do you recommend? I would like some info on a few other things as well. Isolation module mounting location? Cheapest quality online Western Plow supplier? What is the best bang for the buck if I did decide to beef up the truck? Known problems with the truck or the plow that I should prepare for?
    Thanks for any and all input...It is very much appreciated!
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    i have the same truck , and i just bought a pair of timbrens for the front which i think would a be a wide investment for you .if your getting tires for the 20's take a look at the cooper zeon ltz's im pretty happy with them so far for a meaty 20'' tire to use winter/summer
  3. Thanks for the info

    Timbrens are on the to do list. Most of what I been reading states its almost a must. I was also considering a leveling kit to bring the front end up a bit. I'll look into those tires. Thanks for the info